Constituent Power: How to Meet with Your Members of Congress | January 2022

U.S. Capitol Building

U.S. Capitol Building

Politics in the United States looks like it's broken. It seems like our lawmakers can't figure out how to solve our world's most urgent injustices, like climate change, racism, or poverty.

What are we - the people - supposed to do? The short answer is get more involved!

A 2015 survey of Congressional staffers found that 79% of them said a personal story from a constituent related to a bill or issue would be helpful. However, only 18% said they receive that information frequently. Clearly this "gap" is part of the reason politics isn't addressing the people's needs.

During this webinar, we discuss why people of faith need to be advocates for just and compassionate policies and how to do advocacy effectively.

Publication Date
January 12, 2022