Columbans Celebrate World Refugee Day

Washington, DC & El Paso, TX - This World Refugee Day, the Missionary Society of St. Columban in the United States welcomes the opportunity to honor and celebrate the thousands of refugees and asylum seekers that show us with their journey the truth of every person's God-given dignity. We also take this day as an opportunity to reimagine a world where refugees, asylum seekers, and all migrants will be welcomed with compassion and treated with justice so their suffering is no more.

“As Catholics, we are all called to protect the oppressed and welcome the foreigner," said Cynthia Gonzalez, US Advocacy Coordinator for the Columbans. "May this World Refugee Day remind us all that every refugee coming to our communities deserves to be welcomed as our brother and sister. May we all accept Pope Francis' invitation to Welcome, Protect, Promote and Integrate all asylum seekers and refugees."

The Missionary Society of St Columban accompanies asylum seekers and refugees in many countries across the world, including on the US/Mexico border. We have witnessed how global injustices like violence, poverty, political instability, and ecological crisis are forcing so many out of their homes. Unfortunately, the need to migrate and seek asylum is only increasing

"Communities around the world and in the United States need to stand ready to welcome those who are approaching our borders now and the ones that will continue in the future," Gonzalez continued. "This World Refugee Day, we ask Congress and the Biden administration to welcome those seeking refuge by passing comprehensive immigration reform, restoring the access to asylum and expanding refugee resettlement."


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Publication Date
June 15, 2023