We've Changed Our Name

The Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach has changed its name. We are now the St. Columban Mission for Justice, Peace and Ecology.

Who We Are

St. Columban Mission for Justice, Peace, and Ecology envisions a world where each person is empowered to help build a society that liberates the poor, welcomes all migrants, and cares for the earth.  We work to create this world by equipping people of faith with the skills they need in order to evaluate public policy, build bridges between communities, and advocate for the common good. 

Learn How to Advocate for Change

Haitian asylum-seekers are being denying their fundamental right to request safety and are being forced to “remain in Mexico” in life-threatening…

Learn the tools to have effective and transformative one-on-one conversations about social justice issues as well as how to organize your…

After over 40 years of working to protect the environment, what have Columbans learned about how to best care for creation? What lessons can…

The Advocate's Toolbox


Want to Know the Skills to Make a Difference?

"The Advocate's Toolbox" can teach you how to advocate for the issues you care about. It'll show you how to to build a relationship with your Members of Congress, how to get your message out to the media, and how to influence government policies and decisions.

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Episodio 10 de Jubileo por la Tierra
Saqueando Nuestra Tierra: La Pérdida de Biodiversidad + Sobreexplotación | Jubileo por la Tierra

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Season 2 Trailer | Jubilee for the Earth

Welcome to the second season of Jubilee for the Earth: Biodiversity and Our Sacred Story

Haitian children surrounded by US military personnel
Failing the Test: how US policy is harming Haitian asylum-seekers

A basic moral test of any society is how our most vulnerable members are faring. The response of the US government towards Haitian asylum seekers…

A woman working at the Embroidery Project during a Saturday group-work session
Sewing Hope: how a cooperative helped heal migrants trapped in Mexico

The Embroidery Project goes beyond a business, it is a humanitarian project. It serves as a network of support and solidarity. It is a space to…

The facade of Supreme Court of the United States
The Supreme Court decision on Biden v. Texas and what it means for the future of MPP

On Thursday, June 30, the Supreme Court of the United States released their decision on Biden v. Texas. While we ultimately welcomed the decision…

Haitian migrants gather outside a humanitarian project in Ciudad Juárez, MX
Haitian Migrants Fleeing Extreme Violence and Poverty Also Face the Evil of Racism

The is a common perception that it’s predominantly Central American migrants, but this perception does not match the reality on-the-ground. In…